About us



Who we are

Basiclly is a homegrown clothing and lifestyle brand born from a desire for good quality, simple clothing that doesn’t cost you a fortune. We use 100% natural fibres to create handmade, season-less and long lasting products that are good for you and for the environment.

Our story

We are all about comfort, ease and familiarity.
Our inspiration comes from the world around us and the world within- combining the tangible and the intangible aspects that make up our life. It is an ode to slow living. An effort to counter the fast “disposable” fashion.
With silhouettes that move easily between bold statements and timeless classics, We create garments that seamlessly integrate in your everyday wardrobe to stay with you and be loved by you for a long time.


The apparel market is flooded with synthetic fabrics derived from coal, natural gas, and oil that take hundreds of years to break down, and can emit hazardous gasses as they do (it's called 'off gassing').
100% natural and organic fabrics used by us, readily biodegradable and will return right back into the earth in a matter of months after they are used and discarded, unlike the synthetic fabric flooding the apparel market today.

Direct to you

In the traditional fashion retail system, products are usually marked up by at least 8x by the time they reach the customers as brands pay out various middlemen and tag on additional markups throughout the process.
We never thought that this was a sustainable system. Instead, we have opted for an extra-lean business model that offer our clothes solely online, allowing us to eliminate any unnecessary expenses in delivering beautiful clothing constructed with remarkably quality fabrics to you.
When deciding on our manufacturing logistics, our sourcing team intentionally keep the fabric manufacturers and garment factories close to each other in order to minimise the carbon footprint from shipping our materials.

Sustainable practices 

From sourcing to manufacturing, and to packaging, we are constantly trying to use sustainable measures - sourcing fine quality, handmade and handwoven materials from local weavers and artisans , using dead-stock materials, fair trade practises, reusing and up-cycling our fabric waste. In our pursuit of eliminating our carbon footprint, every detail matters.